Steps Some Dads Are Taking To Spend More Time With Their Kids

Many kids don’t get to see their Dad as much as they would like. The reasons for this are many and varied, frequently it involves work which is the major stumbling block.

It has been proven though in countless studies that children with positive role models do better in school and are far more likely to graduate college.

A bunch of Dads in America though are actively taking time out to spend more time with their kids in school. They are helping out with spelling and organising things. The kids whose fathers are able to do this are thrilled to bits that their Dads are in school with them. The Dads can get to see how their kids operate in a school setting and both Fathers and kids build up a bond which they previously may never have had.

One girl in the video thought that her Dad didn’t love her but when he started to appear in the school with her and understand her more, the while dynamics changed.

The video is about 8 minutes long. It is a great initiative on the part of the school as well. Obviously not all Dads will be in a position to spend time in their kids school but it is very interesting to see how they interact once the parent and child interact with each other.

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